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Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Updated Library(: (PICS) and Blog Update!

Hi! With the new year coming in and my new ereader, I cleared off my shelves. The only books left are books I have read and LOVED and books I can see myself reading. I got rid of about a hundred books and plan on buying at least 20 with my Christmas money and the books I'll be trading in for.
I know some of these are hard to see, but I plan on making a My Library page (top tab) very soon! It will be even easier since I got rid of so many.
Also, I can't decide if I should organize these books. Before I got rid of some, I had them all by last name. Now? Now.. I have them ordered by preference. Very top shelf is read-to-review, second shelf is favorite covers, third shelf is half favorites and half to-be-read, all other shelves are also to-be-read. I think I like it better this way. It's... colorful. (:

I have three books not in the pictures because they are newer. They are:
1. Forbidden by: Syrie James and Ryan M. James
2. This Lullaby by: Sarah Dessen
3. Forgotten by: Cat Patrick

All three are paperbacks. I am currently reading Forbidden.

I will be posting a quote of the day and/or my random thoughts every day for I'm not sure how long (somedays I might not, depends on what I have posted already that day) I will also be posting more reviews and telling you what to expect on the blog each week. I want this blog to be somewhere you can count on. Somewhere you can go each day knowing something new and exciting is waiting for you. I will also be spending more time visiting and commenting on other blogs. If you have any tips or comments.. email me ( or comment below. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Wow, nice shelf! :D My books are not that many cause I just got into reading books last year...

    1. Lol(: You should see some other blogs. So. Many. Words. On. So. Many. Pages.
      Besides, it's not about how many you HAVE-- it's about how many you READ. Good luck though! (;


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