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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Know Me Better

This is my second time participating in this. (: Oh, and if the post looks strange today it's because I'm using Blogger Mobile for the first time. (; __________________________________________________________ Favorite restaurant? Cracker Barrel. If you read my last "Know Me Better" post, you may remember I love their dumplings. (; __________________________________________________________ What is your view on self publishing? I really like the idea. I just hate to read a self-published book with loads of typos. It irks me. But, I do try to support the authors when possible. __________________________________________________________ How do you feel about banned books? I find the idea silly, to put it nicely. It was written, if you don't want to read it: don't. That doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to. There's an entire genre I feel is innapropriate-- but do you see me trying to get it banned (erotica)? No? That's because I know some people like it. What really gets me is.. when a book gets banned, it becomes practically famous! What's the point!? We are going to read it whether it's banned or not. This is one of my pet peeves. __________________________________________________________ Do you have a favorite? I don't really pay attention to whether a book is banned or not, so I'm not sure how many I have read... but I know Speak is one I enjoyed. __________________________________________________________ Are you for or against books being made into movies? My problem is that I feel books are an escape from life. One that allows you to be someone else. With movies, it becomes harder because I can't really pretend to be someone else when I already have a face to go with who I want to be. Also, sometimes characters are played by someone that you didn't see in your head when reading the book. Really ruins the mood. The only time I have enjoyed the movie better so far was in the case of Twilight. But I didn't enjoy the book to begin with. So, I don't really like them.. but I always have to watch it if I have read the book. It's a curse. (: __________________________________________________________ Top 3 things on your bucket list? Hmmmm... I want to finish a book I am writing. Maybe get published. *winks* I want to read all of the books I own. And.. I would like to travel more. __________________________________________________________ Thanks for stopping by! (: I know some of these answers felt longer than they should be, but it comes with the territory. (: _____________________________ I'm not the only one who did this... check out their posts too, if you can scrape up the time! Have an answer of your own? Agree with mine? Don't be shy! (:


  1. I love Cracker Barrel too! I've never had their dumplings, so next time I go I hope I remember to try some.
    Here Are My Answers

    1. No one should ever have to live without trying them! Aha(;
      Great answers by the way.

  2. I've never been to Cracker Barrel but I've heard so many nice things about it. Maybe I'll get there someday.

    My post is here.

    1. You are MISSING OUT! Lol(:
      Good luck on getting published!


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