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Saturday, March 2, 2013

March New Releases

Here are some books releasing this month:

I JUST got an e-ARC of The Murmurings and it's great so far! :) I'm really excited for Poison, Unremembered, and Going Vintage. I also really like Christopher Pike, but I'm not SUPER excited for his new release, 'cause I'm not that far in the series yet. I can't wait to hear what people think about it though!
Forgive me if I missed your most anticipated March novel (or short story)! Also, some of these may have already been released, and are being reprinted or printed in a different format.

Favorite cover out of those above... it's a tie so I'm choosing two...

Almost all the covers are beautiful, but these two... yeah.
I haven't read any books by Leah Clifford, and A Touch Menacing is not the first in the series... so I am not really EXCITED. But, I might read them just for the eerily beautiful covers. As for Rachel Vincent, I've read part of My Soul To Take and loved it.. but, see.. this curse I have.. I always read the last page first... so I found out what happened and stopped reading. I really should pick up book two, huh? ;) Seriously, I NEED TO BREAK MY CURSE. Or maybe it's a gift: no anxiosness or heart-breaking anticipation (which I can't STAND). But... I'm callin' it a curse. Yep. And that's just another reason I should force more e-books on myself. Plus, why should trees die? Just so I can smell the pages (ohhhh the smell of a fresh book...)? That's selfish, right? RIGHT! So I will try. Try I shall. MARISSA WILL TRY.

So.. yeah. How'd I get so off topic? ANYWAY... what's your most anticipated new March release? Hmmm? Marissa wants to know. *Creepy screechy voice(like an evil witch)* Yes, *rubs hands together, widens eyes, and slowly tilts head* YES SHE DOES, MY CHILD. :P


  1. Thank you so much for the compliments on my cover! I hope you'll give A Touch Mortal a read! (And try not to read the last page first! ;) I checked for you and it's major spoilers...)

    1. Lol;) Well, it is only $4.74 for your Kindle right now, so I might! PLUS, I don't flip to the last page on the KINDLE SOOO... I think I'll get one. Yes. I will. Promise. You visiting pushed all doubts away. *winks*

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Lover At Last, Poison and Going Vintage are definitely on my wishlist! Hope you enjoy Murmurings, Marissa! ;)


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