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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hey! We have a couple things to share today. You ready? Yeah? YEAH?

Well, perhaps you've noticed that our blog has been designed. Yeah? Well, it was all thanks to Lisseth at Read-A-holicZ! :)

Next: I have decided something *pauses*... we will be posting more often than twice a month #ThatDidn'tLastLong
Why? Because! I have things to say more often than twice a month. AND I decided that I DON'T NEED a schedule, since that's the point in following-- to see new posts. So, be sure to follow... because I'm terribly irrational. :P

On a side note, author Lindsey Leavitt is offering FREE SIGNED bookmarks! Go here for more info. All you have to do is email her your address.

And, because I'm a show off, I will reveal my new signature made by our wonderful designer (link above)...

Also, check out our new scoring guide (thanks again to Lisseth).

Come again soon! (:

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