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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cover Wars+Giveaway WINNERS(:

The winner of The Boys of Summer is...

Bookworm Brandee! I've sent in your info(:

The winner of The Voice is...
Rynald (forgive me if I spelled it wrong, I already closed the tab with your entry and sent in your info...)

Congrats! (:

Reviews will be delayed until our post on the 30th, because I want to have my reviews on NOR (Night Owl Reviews) up first (so I can link it up-- the reviews are not the same).

Now, the Cover War:

Hi! I'm going to start doing these a LOT, so be ready! (: Also, be sure to enter our current giveaways! Oh,

What book will get the honor of being FanGirl Hostess' FIRST Cover War? Hmmm... what book is better than my favorite in the entire world? None, right?! RIGHT! 'Cause it's my favorite. In. The. Entire. World.

Shatter Me by: Tahereh Mafi!

First cover:
Shatter Me (Shatter Me (Quality))

Second cover:
Shatter Me
My Thoughts:

Book cover #2 all the way. I love the way the letters look and feel, and everything else about it is just beautiful. The newer cover, cover #1, is really growing on me though.

What do YOU think? Hmmm? Agree? Disagree?


  1. I like cover number one! :-) It doesn't scream shatter me but it's different.

    1. For sure! I'm just in LOVE with the way the letters feel on cover #2 (one half gets thicker as the other gets thinner) and, it's just so over the top. Just like the amazing author. :)
      Either way, I love the story. And, like it or not, I feel compelled to buy the newer cover now (as the rest in the series will match it).


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