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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Author Interview: LM Pruitt (Winged)

WingedDescription of her new release, Winged (thanks to Goodreads):
I fell from the Talmadge Bridge the week before I turned thirty.

I was given a choice: Go to Heaven. Go back to my life in Savannah. Or spend eternity fighting evil under the direction of the archangels.

I chose the demons--and the angels.

I chose the Winged.

Paperback, 410 pages
Published February 5th 2013 by Red Hot Publishing

Author Interview:

*Says bada_s. Anything in bold (like this) was said by FanGirl Hostess.*

1. Who are your top three favorite authors?
Nora Roberts, Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child, and Seanan McGuire

2. Do you feel those authors influence your writing?
Not really. Maybe my desire to make my writing as interesting and informative as possible (while still being entertaining) but I would say that’s it.

3. About how long did it take you to write Winged?
I have no idea. The first eight or nine chapters were written while I was working on other things, so it was very off and on. I’d say the bulk took me about two months.

4. What mystical creature is your favorite?
Unicorns—only because I’ve seen two different scenes where they’re badass, murderous creatures and I find that hysterical.

5. What is your favorite room to write in?
I don’t really have one. I write in lots of different places, all depending on my mood and what I need to write.

6. Which character in Winged do you feel is most like you?
Definitely Joanne. I’m not going to say which part of her life, lol, but I will say I identify most with her.

7. If you had to chose a popular story to compare Winged with, which would it be and why?
Again, I have no idea. I’m not going to brag and say Winged is the only thing like it out there, but I do think it’s unique. There’s a lot that happens, a lot of changes and discoveries, and it’s only the beginning.

Appreciate you being able to stop by! Oh, and the cover is really pretty! :)

Purchase Winged on Amazon here. Find Winged on Goodreads here.

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