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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Excerpt: The Circle of Tivedon by: Ryan Shorten

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Today we are bringing you an excerpt from
The Circle of Tivedon by: Ryan Shorten.
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The Circle of Tivedon

Attending Tivedon should have been the most exciting time in Jayl's young life. However, when inexplicable things begin to darken the hallowed halls of of the school and he's accused of murder, Jayl finds himself thrust into a quest to save himself, his home, and ultimately all of Tiertyn itself.

~Taken from the back of the book



“Is it true, Timmaren?” Sir Wytund said breathlessly, closing the heavy oak door behind him and crossing the room to where Sir Salvren and Lady Halwenth were standing near the hearth. A small fire crackled quietly and kept a little of the chill at bay. His steps were muted on the soft but faded carpet that stretched the length of the room.
Both Lady Halwenth and Sir Salvren turned as Sir Wytund came to stand beside them. He shook his head and shoulders as he unbuckled his thick cloak. A few remaining flakes of ice and snow fell lightly to the floor. His face was red from the bitter wind and his eyes glistened.
“I met Toamus out by the guard’s stable. He said a rider came in this morning from Taful — a messenger with news from Radwich.”
“Yes Palynt,” Sir Salvren replied. “He brought news from the north. The solidiers who were stationed at Seers Point made a harrowing crossing of the Pass.”
“And?” Sir Wytund asked.
“They’ve raised the alarm. War has come to Tiertyn.”



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