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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All Good Things Must End... FanGirl Hostess is One of Them ):

Yeah. You read the title right. We haven't been goin' long, but it's becoming a chore. I may start a new blog. If or when I do, it will most likely be a blog where I post only once a day, so I can have like 5 posts that day. (:
If I make a new one, I will leave a link here. I am leaving this blog up, so my posts can still be read.

I feel like blogging is a weight on my shoulders and is taking away from my reading and writing time. If you haven't entered our giveaway for January, 2013: hurry up! I am pretty sure it ends on the 23rd.. GOOD LUCK!

Also, if you'd like to unfollow, I'll understand. I really appreciate you guys, just so you know! But if you choose to stay with me-- I really appreciate your loyalty and hope to start a new blog in about a year. It might be sooner, but I just want to be prepared for it. I plan on it being about a little of everything, including books of course! So, stay tuned for a link!

If I have accepted your book for review- I will still review it! Don't die on me. Lol(: If I can finish it, my review should be posted on Night Owl Reviews, Amazon, and Goodreads. But please understand, I will not force myself to finish it. There are just too many good books out there. I will email you after I have posted my review or decided I couldn't finish it.

Be sure to visit me on Night Owl Reviews!

links to some of my reviews can be found under the Reviews tab! Follow them and check my new reviews by clicking on my username at the top of each review! Love you guys! (:
You can also add me on Goodreads (find me by looking at my reviews), I'll be on there more often now.
As always,

P.S. I love these colors! Can you tell? Lol(:


  1. Aww, sorry to see you leave. :( Hope to see your new blog in a year! :)

  2. Hey. ^.^

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! :D You've got an amazing blog. :3

    Tiffa @ The British Book Nerd

  3. I'm sorry to see you go - but look forward to your eventual return! :)


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