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Friday, December 14, 2012

Unresisting by: Shane Morgan- Blog Tour Excerpt


Unresisting by Shane Morgan
Release Date: November 21, 2012
Purchase: Amazon

Description from Goodreads:
Seventeen year old Natasha Johnson is having a rough year. Her twin brother, Sean, died last summer after a car crash, and her parents decided to pack up and leave the only home she’d known all her life. It's a lot to take in, and Nat has decidedly given up on the world, until moving to Stetson Valley and meeting high school ‘outcast’, Chace Owens.

Chace's dark and mysterious aura is not exactly seen as 'normal', but Nat already knows that not a lot of things are of the norm when it comes to her life. She soon finds herself unable to resist Chace's strange pull on her heart, unleashing a sudden attraction to the unnatural forces that have always been burning within her. But with uncovering her true self brings forth great danger, as Nat learns that her brother's death had a lot more to do with the side she's unable to resist.

Can Natasha calm the blazing flames and withstand the threat of danger, or will this new found power destroy her?

*Warning: the excerpt has may not be appropriate for all ages. Should you wish to proceed, highlight the excerpt.
Chace grabbed my arm and pulled me into his chest. His eyes penetrated mine and I knew that escaping was highly impossible, or perhaps he knew I secretly wanted to stay.
“You don’t have to be afraid, Nat. I would never hurt you.” He said those words as if he knew how I was truly feeling about him. I can’t do this. I don’t want to be some lovesick puppy again. I retaliated the best way I knew how.
“Cut the bullshit. Is this what you do to get a girl? Well, your pathetic lines won’t work on me. I’m not that na├»ve and clearly not interested in you.” Thinking I’ve convinced him he caught me by surprise as I tried to get out of his arms.
“Wait…what are you…doing?” It was soft, warm, passionate, and tasty. Chace planted his lips on mine. My tight grip on his jacket loosened and I gave myself to him entirely. I’ve never felt anything like that before, not in the few times I allowed Eric to kiss me. This was different. Chace stimulated something more, something deep and intense.
We groaned as our tongues wrestled with each other. Chace massaged my body gently, and my hands made their way underneath his shirt. His skin was like ice cooling my fingertips. My body became filled with this uncontrollable heat and I desired for more. That’s when I realized how hot I was getting, literally.
I pushed him away just in time to see my body blaze. I’ve never been completely on fire before, always just a hand, but never entirely. What’s even weirder is that my clothes weren’t even burning.
Chace didn’t seem frightened. Instead, he walked forward. “Don’t, I’ll hurt you...” I cried. “Please stay away until it disappears.” My tears flowed like a river knowing he’d seen what a freak I really was; still, he came closer and wiped my cheeks. “…but how-
“It’s okay Nat, you won’t hurt me. You can’t.” And I didn’t, because Chace held on to me, our bodies entwined in fire.
“Shhh…it’ll go away once you’ve relaxed.” He whispered in my ears, and it worked. As soon as the flames cooled down I broke out of Chace’s embrace. He reached for me but I moved further.
“How the hell did you do that?” I wasn’t angry just confused.
“I’ll explain everything but you need to stay calm. You risk exposing yourself when you get upset. Your power’s awakening. So, now more than ever you need to control your emotions.”
What’s he talking about, “Power? Awakening? You’re not making sense.”
“Just let me explain, Nat. Isn’t that what you came here for?” He turned and stood before the lake. “I’ve had dreams about you since I was a kid. That’s why when I saw you at the coffee shop I was…scared, shocked, happy. I had to tell my grandfather that you were here in Stetson.” He faced me again. “My mom always told me you’d somehow come to me one day, that we’re supposed to be together. She said that there’s always someone born just for us. And as long as we were together, then I’d survive. Nat, you’re going to decide whether or not I live after my eighteenth birthday next year.”
Was he being serious? “That doesn’t…that just sounds crazy.”
“You were just on fire, and you think what I’m saying is crazy.” He mocked me. I wasn’t sure if I believed anything but I was curious.
“So, you’re saying I was born to be with you? Like soulmates? Then what about this fire thing, and who attacked me, twice?” My cell rang before he could answer. It was Jilli, but I didn’t want to pick up.
“You have to go back. I’ll tell you later I promise. C’mon.” This time I let him take my hand.


*Yes, I am late. I did not even know I had been sent the book (spam filter) until after my post date. SOOO SORRY to the author, Shane Morgan. Really... REALLY sorry. ):


-Marissa A.K.A. YOUR VERY OWN FanGirl Hostess

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