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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! (GIVEAWAY)

Hey! Since I cleared my shelves and it's New Years... I thought I'd host a giveaway! (:
Here are some books I am getting rid of:

IncarceronTroubletwisters: Book 1
Red Riding HoodThe Pale Assassin

The CompoundGirl, Stolen (Christy Ottaviano Books)

Nightfall (The Vampire Diaries, The Return, Vol. 1)

These are all unread paperbacks. If you have any questions email  us at: .
Rules are on the Policy tab at the top of the page! (:
So, this giveaway is winners choice of the books above! (:
This giveaway is US ONLY, sorry! We will be having an international giveaway soon!

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Other entries:
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Leave a blog post comment about which you'd choose OR: if you've read anything by any of the authors

Thanks! Come again soon! (:


  1. Howdy, FanGirl! I'd love to read TroubleTwisters. I don't believe I've read anything else by the author, but just the short blurb inside the cover was enough to convince me I need to read it! If I win, that's the book I'd like. Thank you, Grampy

  2. Me again... I made a slight error on my Rafflecopter entry. I said the name I used to follow you with GFC was both Grampy and JaxGrampy. But JaxGrampy is on a different site. The two names I have registered with GFC are Grampy, and Grampy Lee. I should've just stuck with Grampy, but that name was already taken on a few sites, so I had to alter it slightly, and now I don't know WHO I am!

    But I DO know I still want to win TroubleTwisters! Thanks,


  3. Great giveaway! I've always wanted to read Incarceron, it sounds like an awesome read. :)


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