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Monday, September 10, 2012


Book 1. If I Die by:Rachel Vincent.
Source: Print ARC provided by memyshelfandi and ARCycling.
Book 2. Shatter Me by: Tahereh Mafi
Source: Print copy purchased from..?
Book 3. One Pink Line by:Dina Silver
Source: Signed print copy provided by Dina herself(:
Book 4. Such A Rush by: Jennifer Echols
Source: Print copy purchased from Walmart

What do I think?

Well, Shatter Me is currently blowing my mind. I'm on page 99 and Shatter Me is officially my new favorite book (used to be Willow by: Julia Hoban)! The only bad thing I have to say is that it focuses on Juliette's thoughts a little too much.
I just started Such A Rush so I will post an update later.
I have barely started One Pink Line and so far it's alright.
I'm really enjoying If I Die, I have planned on reading something by Rachel Vincent and it is NOT dissapointing me AT ALL.


Links to purchase these books on Amazon (and get synopsis):
1. If I Die by: Rachel Vincent
2. Shatter Me by: Tahereh Mafi
3. One Pink Line by: Dina Silver
4. Such A Rush by: Jennifer Echols

Such a RushOne Pink Line
Shatter Me (Shatter Me (Quality))If I Die (Harlequin Teen)

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  1. What a fantastic selection of books! I have herd so much about Shatter Me by Tehereh Mafi, that is all really positive hence it is on my to-read list. One Pink Line as well seems to have many top rated reviews on sites like amazon and GoodReads. The other books i have not herd about, but i have to say that the cover of 'If i Die' looks stunning! I hope that you enjoy reading these titles and i look forward to reading your thoughts and reviews on them.


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